Roof Leak Repair

How to Prevent Roof Leakage

A roof leak is among the most common problems that homeowners call for professional help. It’s also one of the most costly problems that can lead severe damage to a home.
This problem is further complicated because leaks are often only discovered after they have caused significant damage to a home. Therefore, it is always highly advisable to be proactive and do everything possible to keep your roof in good working order and prevent any future problems.
These five maintenance tips will help you prevent future leaks and prolong the lifespan of your roof.

Make Regular Roof Inspection a Priority

Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

Finding the source of a leak can frequently be difficult because they are usually very difficult to detect. They are rarely consistent with the places you see water getting into your home, such as spots on walls and ceilings, peeling paint and blisters.
It takes an experienced and trained eye of a professional to detect water movement and find the leak before it escalates and becomes a more extensive leak with serious consequences.
You can avoid all these problems with a comprehensive roof maintenance plan. Like with any other part of your home, your roof needs attention and care to function properly.
That’s why the most best thing you can do is call your local roofer, make an appointment and have your roof professionally inspected.

Inspect the Attic

There are very specific areas that your roofer will urge you to pay attention to and one of them is the attic.
So, before you start examining different aspects of your roof outside, make sure that nothing inside your home may be causing leaks. The attic is probably the least apparent culprit of a roof leak and therefore, it doesn’t surprise that it is often overlooked.
Ventilation in the attic should be the first thing you check when you’re up there. Ensure that the ventilation parts, such as the ridge vents, louvers or soffit vents, are not obstructed, as blockages can lead to dangerous moisture and heat build-up.
This build-up can cause the insulation to soak and lose its functionality, the roof tiles to buckle or the cladding and rafters to rot. The intake can also sometimes become blocked, so make an effort to check your entire ventilation system and clean it thoroughly.
Other signs of leaks and moisture build-up can be mold in the attic, which can spread easily and quickly, as well as signs of algae on the interior plywood or black spots or rust around some nails in the attic and roof structure.

Pay Attention to Roof Flashing

Your roof flashing is a typical source of roof leaks. This refers to any piece of metal or sometimes vinyl material used to join different parts of your roof.

Therefore, these spots need to be tightly installed, strong and sturdy to prevent water from seeping between the different parts of your roof and into your home.

You should check for any gaps or holes in the roofing board and make sure it is not damaged, bent or loose in any way.

Check the Roof’s Drip Edge

Drip Edge

Drip Edge

In addition to adding charm to your house, the drip edge of your roof also has a crucial function – and that is to keep the water off the roof and away from the fascia. When inspecting this part, it is essential to locate any damage and in particular any missing drip edges.
If a drip edge is missing, there will be a gap between the fascia board and the roof covering where water can enter. The water can lead the wood to rot and find its way into internal ceilings and walls.

Clean and Maintain Your Gutter System

Downspouts and gutters are essential parts of the home and roof system and play an important role in preventing water damage and roof leaks.
They should be part of your regular roof maintenance and inspection schedule and should be cleaned at least twice a year. They allow the roof to drain properly and direct water away from the roof and house.
Guttering can become clogged with twigs, leaves, dirt, branches and any other outside debris that gets into them. This can happen more frequently if there are trees and shrubs around your home, so you should get into the routine of inspecting the gutters from time to time.


Roof leaks and water damage are costly problems that are often detected too late when the damage is already there. However, if your roof is leaking, we recommend ROOF-FIX. They are a reputed name with 20 years of experience in the roofing repair business. Get in touch with them for more information and to get the job done by professionals.

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