Don’t Put a Price on Your Safety: The Importance of Proper Lift Maintenance

Elevators are that necessary tool in our lives that allows us to live in the heights without having to walk through countless stairs every day when we need to go down to the street for any reason. We use them daily several times a day. But in most neighbourhood communities, elevator maintenance is not a priority issue until your elevator begins to fail and eventually stops working.

It is in these situations that we realize how vital elevators are in our daily lives. When you have to go shopping when you need to lower a piece of furniture or simply when you want to go out with the bicycle for a while. Elevator companies are aware of the importance of tool maintenance, so most lend themselves to scheduled maintenance every year to ensure everything is working correctly. In this article, we’ll clarify the importance of keeping your elevator in good working order through regular check-ups.

But, Why Is Elevator Maintenance Necessary?

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Beyond its obligation by the law, the fundamental reason the elevators’ maintenance is necessary is safety. Although today’s market options are made to test the most undesirable complications, an elevator without proper upkeep is not something we can trust, nor would we trust an airplane, a train or a car. An elevator is an efficient and safe instrument well-equipped for the unexpected. However, to be fully functional, it must be properly maintained. So, if you are looking for the reason that justifies your elevator needs, this is it: your safety.

Apart from this, maintaining our elevator is also a way to save by avoiding breakdowns that can be serious and very expensive to fix. In short, it is something necessary that does not allow other options such as doing it irregularly or not doing it. Having an elevator demands the responsibility of taking care of it.

Although the maintenance of an elevator must be done periodically, it should not be annoying for the customer. Nothing is further from reality. When you contract your elevator’s maintenance, you can agree with the company how it will be carried out. If you don’t want to worry about anything, you won’t have to. The technician will come when necessary to carry out the revision and maintenance without you having to be present or participate in any way. That is, in this sense, there is nothing you should worry about.

How Often Is This Maintenance Performed?

Previously, all elevators had to be checked every month. Over the years, regulations have changed… Companies now tend to differentiate the deadlines according to the type of elevator and installation. As of today, the checks must be carried out:

  • Every four months in elevators in single-family homes and elevators with speeds not exceeding 0.15 m/s (single-family home: the one located on an independent plot that serves as a chronic, permanent or temporary residence single-family).

  • Every six weeks in elevators installed in community buildings for residential use with up to six stops and elevators installed in buildings for public use with up to four stops, less than twenty years old.

  • Every month in all other elevators.

What Tasks Does the Maintenance of an Elevator Involve?

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If certain operations are carried out and the proper functioning of the device, it will be possible to extend the useful life of the elevator. It is also profitable management of resources, since, if you want to sell a house in which there is an elevator, that it is in optimal conditions will increase its value. Nowadays, you already know that an elevator in a place represents all an added value.

Take note of the common activities that good maintenance involves:

  • Control the operation of the equipment and check its condition.

  • Lubricate and grease the mechanisms.

  • Make the relevant adjustments.

  • Proper cleaning.

  • Replace parts that have worn out with spare parts (this work will benefit from the Community approval criteria introduced by the new directive) and other interventions related to components.

Elevators have become indispensable in multi-storey commercial and residential buildings. While it is crucial to invest in a safe, high-quality and environmentally-friendly elevator, it is also essential to ensure proper maintenancecontact March Elevator Limited if you have any questions about your elevator’s maintenance!

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