The Role and Importance of a Construction Expert Witness

The rapid advancement of companies in various fields such as engineering, medicine, and physics, created a whole new world of development where disputes often arise due to several reasons. The construction industry is no exception. Several conflicts often breakthrough on construction sites as well, leading to a myriad of questions and concerns that require the help of an expert witness to be resolved.

What Is the Role of an Expert Construction Witness?

When we hire the services of an expert, his role is to give an opinion in his area of ​​expertise on the scientific or technical aspects of a case. As an example, the expert may be called upon to give his opinion on the cause of a physical or psychological issue and the consequences of this problem. This can include the cause of a fire, the existence of a defect, damage, a person’s psychological state to explain a behavior or reaction, etc.

For an expert witness to be able to testify in court, his report, his testimony, and everything else will be assessed first. The one who does not have the required technical or scientific skills will not be allowed to testify. In other cases, the individual may be restricted to a specific situation only, based on his level of education and/or extensive experience in the concerned field. Thus, an expert construction witness can only intervene depending on his relevance and usefulness in the issue.

The Importance of an Expert Construction Witness

An expert can provide a conclusion that judges may have a hard time to formulate due to the technicality of facts. In other words, the opinion of an expert provides the court with scientific information which, in all likelihood, go beyond experience and knowledge of a judge. Hence, the judge will be in a better position to assess the situation through the input or data brought by experts.

The expert construction witness can also help determine the key documents of the case and identify the missing ones. He/she can suggest the necessary additional research and surveys that are required to better tackle the dispute. Additionally, an expert witness has the right to identify the weaknesses of the opposing experts’ arguments and even ask them questions.

While hiring a construction expert witness can have multiple benefits, it is crucial to evaluate whether they are competent in the first place. At Kane Construction Management Inc, they provide more than just textbook answers. Their experts are highly experienced and knowledgeable of the construction industry and can effectively help you out! 

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