Buy a Used Heavy Duty Forklift Truck or a New One?

In the handling sector, certain equipment is essential for the smooth running of operations. This is the case with forklifts, for which the acquisition of a new model requires significant financial resources. In this case, turning to second-hand equipment becomes an alternative. Is it a good idea to opt for second-hand equipment? Are there any advantages to buying a used forklift truck? In this article, you will discover the main reasons why choosing a used forklift truck is a wise purchase.

Used Heavy Duty Forklift Truck: A Cost-Effective Purchase

Choosing a used forklift truck is a particularly profitable operation. This profitability is reflected on several levels.

Economic Profitability

Whether you need a single forklift truck for your operations or an entire fleet, buying new models will cost a small fortune. Depending on the brand, model and year, prices may be higher. In the category of second-hand equipment, there are trolleys in very good working order. You will be able to buy a forklift truck of a major brand which works very well at a much cheaper price than new equipment. Many of the material handling professionals who have chosen second-hand forklifts testify to their effectiveness. According to them, when the right choice is made, the purchase becomes profitable throughout the line, because the equipment works as efficiently as the new model.

Avoid Rapid Depreciation

Depending on the market, new equipment purchased can quickly lose value. Daily use is also a factor that causes new equipment to lose value. The best alternative is to get second-hand equipment that will do the same job as new equipment and at a more affordable price.

The Availability of Second-Hand Equipment

Referring to a manufacturer to acquire a new forklift truck may require a long waiting time. Indeed, manufacturers of large equipment such as forklift trucks are generally international companies. They are present in several countries and therefore receive a large number of orders every day. Even if they are particularly well organized, these companies are not always able to deliver their orders within a reasonable time.

This is even truer if you order your equipment from a manufacturer in another country. In this case, you will have to wait as long as the import takes, not to mention the many administrative formalities to be carried out with the port authorities and others. This may delay your activities or those of your company if you need the equipment urgently. Choosing a used forklift truck avoids this kind of situation.

Indeed, being put up for sale by a private individual or by a company that has a forklift truck at his disposal, delivery is generally made in a very short time. There are no complex formalities to be completed and the equipment is often available and ready to be taken away by any buyer. All you have to do is make payment of the agreed amount to the seller and that’s it.

Second-Hand Equipment: Ideal for Restricted Use

If for your activities or those of your company you only need the forklift truck occasionally, acquiring a second-hand model is a wise choice. Indeed, in terms of profitability, buying a new forklift truck is not a good option for temporary use. The latter will not allow you to properly amortize the purchase cost over a reasonable period of time. Used equipment eliminates the need for you to incur a significant expense to acquire new equipment that you will not use at all times. It is also the ideal choice if you only want to extend your fleet of forklifts already available in your fleet.

Used Forklift Truck for More Efficiency

In the field of equipment construction such as forklift trucks, finding machines with manufacturing defects is not uncommon. When this happens, returning the equipment to its manufacturer is usually the only option. Such an operation can take a considerable amount of time and delay all your activities. To prevent this kind of situation, the best alternative is to choose second-hand equipment. Because already in use, the used forklift truck has already proven itself in the field and therefore offers more guarantees of efficiency. Any defects must have already been noticed by its owner, who has certainly taken care of them. This considerable advantage protects you from early repairs that may require significant financial resources.

Used Forklift Trucks: Refurbished Models

Investing in a used forklift truck is a good idea in every respect. On a specialized website, for example, you can find several sales proposals. Among these, fully refurbished models are available. In these cases, the forklift truck can be equipped with several new parts changed by its owner. The equipment then becomes as efficient as a new model purchased. This will allow you to use it for all kinds of handling operations.

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