Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building a Home

Are you planning on building a custom home to suit your personal lifestyle and needs? In order to do so properly, there are many factors which you need to consider. Since you will be designing and building a house from scratch and not buying a house which already has been built, things can get very complicated fast. This is why proper planning is very important before undergoing construction work. It is very crucial to have every little detail planned.

Building a house is a very exciting project but have you thought about everything that goes into building a new home? Below is a list of important questions that you should ask yourself before the building process starts :

  • What are your expectations from this new home?

Are you looking for a custom made home where you will be responsible for every single decision made or do you want to choose an existing floor plan and construct a house that is almost entirely predetermined for you? Or maybe you could opt for a mix of both? No matter which one you choose, just remember that every home builder has its own kind of approach when it comes to building. Make sure that your project or vision is crystal clear from the start!

  • Am I positive I want to build a custom made home?

Before opting for building a custom made home, you should decide if it’s the best option for your lifestyle and financial situation. Always weigh the pros and cons of a custom made home before making a decision. It will be easier to determine whether you should build or just buy an existing home. I am sure that you will find existing homes which fit your ideal location, budget, lifestyle and family’s housing needs.

  • How familiar am I with the local builders and the homes they built?

Even though according to your area, there are standards on how your home will be built, however, there is no standard pricing. Each builder will quote different quotes prices using different specifications for different homes that they have built. Don’t just jump on the builder which is quoting less, it is necessary that you enquire on the quality of the materials being used first.

Cheaper pricing can sometimes mean low-quality materials. Question your builder like is the flooring hardwood and tile or carpet and lino? Am I getting a basic white appliance package or stainless steel? Knowing your local builders could be a great advantage as you will be able to compare well.

  • How much should I spend?

Unfortunately, building your dream house is a big price to pay sometimes. It is very important to be realistic while designing your home. Even if, it is great to have a home to flaunt, you should make sure that you don’t sit on debts after building it. Review your budget first before coming up with the plan, it would be unnecessary to have extra rooms and amenities which you will not use.

  • Do I have specific needs or features I want to be included?

If you are looking for a special feature to add to your home, check with your builder first if he has done it before. Practical features such as wheel accessibility or separate basement suite should be considered as well as lifestyle features like a backyard pool or below the kitchen wine cellar.

Always consider an experienced builder and don’t hesitate to ask for references.

  • Can the soil support a home?

If you already have a piece of land, it is important to get your soil checked. Since the quality of soil differs from area to area, you will need to be sure it won’t lead to any foundation problems in the future. It is never a bad idea to have your soil examined by a geologist.

  • Is possession date important to me?

Building a home can be a very long process, there are so many moving parts that delays are almost inevitable. If you have a specific timeline with a narrow window for possession, a building might not be your best option.

  • Who will be living in the house and for how long?

It is not always easy to predict on the amount of time that you will live in a home, but you may have a good idea if you are planning on raising a family in it. If this is the case, you will need to know how many bedrooms are needed along with bathrooms and family room. It might also affect your location as you would prefer to choose a place which is near a school and recreational facilities/ parks. Homeowners who don’t plan on having children will normally opt for fewer bedrooms and bathrooms and their location will also depend on the proximity to the place of their employment.

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