Warning Signs that You Picked the Wrong Builder

It is sometimes said not to judge a book by its cover and it’s the same thing when we meet people. Building a house is an investment in itself and having the right contractor just facilitates everything. The communication between a builder and the client should be transparent and clear, if you don’t relate to this, then you might have chosen the wrong builder. To help you out, here is a list of warning signs that you picked the wrong builder.

  • Rather low bids – The builder might have stunned you with a rather low bid making your building contract a great deal. The promised building timeline seems shorter or longer than you anticipated. It can be that the builder is inexperienced or he may be abusing of your helplessness.
  • No permits to offer – You could be charged a fine or even require to remove the structure that is built on your land. If you continue with the same builder, you could even risk the sale of your home in the future.
  • No online presence – Nowadays, everything is online. So, if you don’t find the company’s name or and reference claimed by the company, then there is something wrong. If you are still in doubts, then talk to the builder and ask for references or people he has worked for in the past in order to be sure.
  • Offers shady facts of the work – When asked questions about the work and no response is received, then there is something really shady going on. If according to the agreement, the builder has to provide every detail of the work going on and he has not done so, then this is a red flag.
  • No valid insurance – When hiring new builders, always check if they have valid insurance or license. If your builder chose to provide the insurance later, then there is a problem. Do not start any work unless the insurance and license are shown and attached to the documents. That’s why choosing licensed contractors is the safest and cost-efficient option.
  • Prefer cash payments over checks – If you are a novice in the building sector, then you might be tempted to pay in cash. I’m not saying it’s risky but if you are new to the construction industry, then you might be easily duped. If your builder can’t provide you with a proof of payment, then it is time to withdraw his contract and move to someone else.

Work alongside professionals in order to be sure that you have a house at the end!

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