Construction Gadgets #1: Drones

Of all the toys to come out in recent years, drones are the ones that really stand out. They not only combine the fun of a remote control car with advanced aircraft technology but are also capable of recording and relaying footage of the ground below. While drones used to be available to only a hand few, mass production has allowed more affordable options to enter the market.


How Drones Help Contractors?

  • Building Surveys. Most surveys require identifying the roof’s condition and assessing its defects. By using a drone, you save time, money, and reduce health and safety risks that occur when accessing the roof with scaffolding or cherry pickers.
  • Laser Scanning. Drones are now recognized as the best method to capture the exact topographical details and cityscapes. Drones can also be used to take thermal imaging recordings that identify the cold spots in a building, or the hot spots that hold electrical components. This can be vital information for engineers aiming to identify and rectify building defects.
  • Video. Drones are constantly evolving, gaining more flight strength and upgrading their cameras with some being able to record in brilliant 4K quality. With these new video advances, contractors can now record and send detailed progress reports (including live feeds and virtual walkarounds), create stunning promotional photography, and monitor health and safety on site.


Drone technology may be new, but its already transforming construction!

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