Achieving Perfect Lighting

Most designers, architects, builders will tell how essential lighting is for any room you have planned. Lighting is never an afterthought but instead a vital element you should consider when undertaking any home construction project.

Purpose of light in a room

Kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms all require different elements, so you have to plan according to what purpose the room will serve. Spaces like the kitchen and study require bright light, this means these are the spaces where you can include wider windows. In bedrooms and bathrooms, you can reduce the window size and focus on implementing good lighting fixtures that will act as decorative features as well as help accentuate your rooms. This task becomes tricky when one space will be used for different activities, for example, a dining room which is also used as a children’s study area. Wanting an intimate area to eat and a bright space for kids to learn will require you to think about ways you can transition between the two functions.

Lighting design

Since we have planning for the purpose of the room handled, we can now focus on the other criteria needed to achieve good lighting:

  • Size. By knowing the size of the room, you can plan how much light (whether electric or day) is required for the purpose of the room.
  • Positioning. How you plan to place lights can also help you understand the atmosphere you will create with your lighting.
  • Type. Different light bulbs perform differently in different areas, and some might not produce the effect you desire.
  • Surfaces. Because walls, floors, carpets, and ceilings all reflect light in different ways, it is important to know these features while planning your lighting.

Stick to your budget

No matter how essential lighting is, it is not worth blowing your budget on. Plan as much as you can, do as much as you can, and if you’re not happy at the end there are a bunch of alternatives you can consider to help you achieve the perfect lighting. For example, if a room is too dark consider changing the colors in the room; replace the darker shades with cooler colors. You could even introduce a few more reflective objects (mirrors, or any other decorative elements) to bounce off more light.

Your home is the space where you’ll spend hours in a day, having it as comfortable as possible is a goal everyone should strive for. And, perfect lighting is one way you could try to achieve that comfort!

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