Shell Swimming Pool Renovation: Technique and Cost

Whatever type of swimming pool you have, renovation work is required to ensure its proper functioning and prevent it from deteriorating. In the case of a shell swimming pool, it may be either damage to the shell, or degradation of the gel coat, or osmosis phenomena. By following this article, discover the different techniques to adopt depending on the case and the cost of the work.

The different methods for renovating a shell swimming pool

If the gel coat of your swimming pool deteriorates or loses its shine, it is best to carry out a partial or total renovation. It depends on the condition of the affected area. In any case, it is necessary to empty the pool and sand the topcoat. Make sure it covers the entire pool perfectly. The swimming pool must not present any irregularity. Afterward, apply two coats of gel coat while respecting a drying time of 24 hours between the two applications. For the application of gel coat, use either a brush, a roller, or a spray gun. for its repair, it must be carried out on average every 15 years.

If there is a breach in the hull, use fiberglass to fill in the damaged parts. At the end, apply gel coat and topcoat in the color of your choice. If your pool liner is no longer flexible, replace it. Use a reinforced PVC membrane which is a very resistant material. The shell pool liner should be replaced at least every 10 to 15 years.

As for the osmosis phenomenon, the renovation is more complex, starting with cleaning the pool. Then proceed to sand the swollen parts and high-pressure clean the hull. This removes gel coat and acetic acid residue. Then let it dry for a moment before applying the mastic coating. Do not forget to review the pool’s surface so it does not present unevenness. At the end, apply gel coat and topcoat.

As for cleaning rust stains on the shell pool, you must use a special sponge and a stain remover. If dirt persists, use diluted hydrochloric acid.

Shell pool renovation can also replace return nozzles, skimmers, and other elements to be sealed. The upgrading of leaks is also part of the work carried out during a shell pool renovation.

The cost of hull pool renovation

The shell swimming pool renovation price varies depending on the operations undertaken. For osmosis repair, plan between 100 and 120 € per m². The application of gel coat costs around 70 to 120 € per m². As for the repair of a water leak, it costs on average 300 €. To repair cracks, it is necessary to provide 50 € per m². If you want to replace your polyester coating, the cost of the work is around 80 to 100 € per m².

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