Budget For Re-roofing

Your roof is in bad condition, and you are considering a roofing renovation project. This article will help you in estimating the price of such work.

Depending on the condition of your roof, you can choose between partial or complete renovation. The partial renovation concerns the repair of the roof without questioning the frames. This is the case of a leak, a broken tile, the replacement of gutters, etc. The installation of thermal insulation is part of the partial renovation. In contrast, integral renovation refers to the re-roofing with the repair of the frame.

The price of the diagnosis

It is important to remember that the price of a complete renovation is higher than that of a partial renovation. However, when you decide to apply only resin on your roof while it is already aging, in this case, you only worsen its state of waterproofing and insulation. To help you make the right decision, have your roof diagnosed for about 100 euros.

Apart from the on-site inspection, the diagnostician will ask questions about your roof to gather information about the date of installation or repair, what work you have already done, by whom it was done, etc. This allows him to guide you on the type of renovation to be implemented.

Following this diagnosis, you will know if you need to replace the tiles, revise the waterproofing, or make a partial or complete renovation.

The parameters to determine the price

The price of a roof renovation depends on the work to be done and is established per m². It also varies according to the type of roof, the cost of removing the roof, and any repairs, including insulation, roof structure revision, waterproofing change of gutters, installation of skylights, etc. Thus, the estimate of the total cost depends on the surface to be renovated and the project’s configurations.

Know that you can benefit from financial aid when your renovation project is linked to insulation work. In addition, you can call on a professional roofer to obtain an estimate and refine your renovation project.

The price of a roof

For roofing, the cost of the work will generally be calculated in m2 and always depends on the type of roof. For tile and sheet metal roofing, the renovation is done at about 40 euros per m2. These are classic roofs and are easy to install. However, if you choose solar roofs or photovoltaic panels, they require the intervention of a specialist craftsman. As a result, its installation can amount to 2000 euros. The same applies to slate roofing. You have to hire machinery to install it. This type of roofing is robust and very aesthetic. It is also appreciated for its longevity of up to 100 years. This material is expensive and is often installed on a sloping roof. Thus, its renovation is quite complex, and its price can vary between 130 to 190 euros per m2. On the other hand, if it is a question of replacing a damaged slate, it is between 30 and 80 euros.

On average, the costs of a roofing installation are in the range of 15 to 25 euros per m2.

The price of the framework
When the framework is affected by the repair, the renovation costs 75 to 260 euros per m2. On the other hand, only the renovation carpentry is done at 50 to 110 euros per m2. It can be a treatment of supports or a replacement of materials depending on the condition of your frame.

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