Fascia Board: An Essential Element of the Roof

When we talk about fascia boards, the roof is inevitably involved. Let’s find out everything you need to know about this element.

The different reasons to install a fascia board

A fascia board plays a vital role in finishing the edges of the roof by covering the timber that fixes the gutter at the bottom of the roof. In addition to its aesthetic function, a fascia board protects the exterior parts of the roof structure from rain. It, therefore, has a vital role in keeping the roof in good condition, and this would be in addition to the effects of the activities carried out to strengthen the roof during the hurricane season.

The different types of fascia boards

Solid wood fascia boards

They can be painted, but they are often associated with copper, aluminum, PVC or zinc pieces. Their design depends on the gutters’ material and the building’s general look.

PVC fascia boards

They are trendy because of their ease of maintenance.

Role of the fascia board for a roof

Prevents rodents from entering

Placed on the eaves of the facade, they provide physical insulation to prevent rodents from entering. Being a cladding element allows the addition of an anti-rodent under-roof grid.

Protecting structural wood against weathering and infiltration
It is an excellent sealing element. It covers the rafters and the thermal insulation elements against rainwater infiltration. It also protects the gable from runoff.

Replaces the edge tiles

Roofing and roofing work requires the purchase of expensive accessories. Maintenance-free roof protection materials could be more reliable.

To create a full-length leveling of the facade

A cladding system makes finishing and roofing work easier. With a choice of quality board, a professional can create a facade and roof leveling. The finishing accessories allow the house roofs to have an automatic visual effect.

Decorating gables before roofing

The work of cladding fascia boards is associated with the joinery. That is why the fascia board under the gutter is remarkable.

Cladding of the fascia boards


It is essential to maintain the fascia boards. Painting is the most economical protection for them, but they will have to be repainted regularly. This operation requires the use of scaffolding. To reduce the maintenance of the fascia board, it is advisable to use metal cladding (from copper and aluminum), fiberglass, PVC, lacquered steel, or zinc.

Metal cladding
Metal cladding is the least expensive solution for your roof. The cladding can be made with tabs fixed on the fascia board, which avoids contact between the support board and the materials. However, the fasteners must meet the wind resistance requirements: the site’s height and exposure.

Additional advice on fascia boards
Whether renovating or building a house, fascia boards add an aesthetic and technical aspect to your roof. The boards and roofs are always at a high level, so a ladder must be used to access them during maintenance. The ladder must be solid to avoid accidents.

Paint and wood oil are the most common materials used for maintenance. Indeed, paint protects the wooden boards to offer a more aesthetic presentation to the house. Boards and roofs must be repainted regularly because they are exposed to the weather.

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