Finding The Ideal Location for a Pool

The construction plans of some concessions include the installation of a pool. That said, respect of specific criteria is essential for such work to find the best location for your pool. Through this article, we will present to you all the necessary information to determine a pool’s ideal location.

Finding a Location According to the Terrain

The ideal location for your pool is on flat, damp, and stable ground. However, not all land areas have this advantage. Therefore, what we suggest is that you try to adapt your pool to the place where you are going to be.

The Case of Sloping Ground

If you are on sloping ground, installing your pool will be very expensive. In this case, the leveling work and other work will facilitate water drainage in the pool.

The Case of the Land in a Basin

For this type of land, it is necessary to level the basin and think of installing a very efficient drainage system in the pool. The disadvantage of this type of land is that your pool is exposed to dirt, and rainwater spills inside. Moreover, building a pool on a basin does not ensure the structure’s longevity.

A Good Location According to the Nature of the Soil

Another criterion to take into account is the nature of the soil. In fact, to locate your pond, you must study the soil. This one considers the detection of the type of ground, as well as the nature. If you are on soil of low quality, the construction work will incur additional costs to compensate for this deficiency.

Case of Backfilled Soil

For a long time, backfilled soil has been described as having certain stability. However, you should check to make sure. This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Case of Limestone Soil

The best soil for installing a pool is limestone soil. It is very suitable because it is stable, dry, and very compact. For the work to be carried out, you will not need to use complex structural machinery to reinforce the pool’s structure or drain the water.

Case of Sandy Soil

Sandy soil is specifically characterized by its instability. It swells during the rainy season and dries out in the heat. To install a pool on such soil, some work must be done beforehand. The foundation of the pool structure must be reinforced, water must be drained, and the humidity level must be checked regularly.

A Good Location According to the Nature

To enjoy your pool, you must ensure that you are in a beautiful environment. In particular, the elements of nature must be with you.

The Sun

The sun is an element that must be taken into account. In short, the maintenance and quality of your pond depends on it. To take advantage of the sun’s benefits, position the pool towards the south to take advantage of the heat. Don’t hesitate to cut down trees to attract the sun’s rays to your pool. This way, you will save the costs that you can invest in heating in the meantime.

The wind

What we suggest is to install your pool sheltered from the wind. Its effect is double-edged. You will benefit from its cooling at times. On the other hand, being windless after a swim in your pool is not always pleasant. Finally, think of quality lining for your pool.

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