Handling Equipment: Which One to Use to Move a Pallet of Cans?

Trade is a high revenue generating activity. The trade we are talking about here is international trade. If trade is a thriving sector, it is because of the efficiency of the handling teams on the docks. Indeed, they use suitable materials for each type of package. The pallet of canned goods is a package frequently found on the docks. Find out in this article which handling equipment to use to move it.

What Are the Handling Materials Available on the Market?

Several materials are involved in handling work. Using a material handling equipment manufacturer is the best thing to do. The latter will put his experience at your service to find the equipment that suits your needs. It won’t be easy to list all the handling equipment that exists. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of them.

The Electric Stacker

A stacker is a machine that works thanks to the motor it is equipped with. Its operation is ensured by the electricity that it provides. It is useful for moving loads weighing up to one ton at a height of 3.5 meters. Its top speed is estimated at 4 km/h. This machine helps store and move loads at height.

Industrial truck

The industrial truck is considered the star of the handling equipment. Indeed, it is the most widespread of all. It is most often found in companies specializing in bulk storage. The particularity of this equipment is that it allows transporting the loads as fast as possible. Indeed, it is equipped with four multidirectional wheels.

The Electric Pallet Truck

Like the electric stacker, the electric pallet truck works thanks to the motor it is equipped with. This machine makes it possible to gain efficiency in the accomplishment of handling work. Indeed, it allows moving loads of 1500 kg of weight. Its top speed is estimated at 4 km/h. It is the perfect tool for all your handling work.

The Manual Pallet Truck

Ancestor of the electric pallet truck, the manual pallet truck is part of the large family of handling equipment. Using such a machine also favors the gain of efficiency in the realization of handling works. Like the electric pallet truck, it can move loads up to 1500 kg. It often has accessories that can facilitate the task.

The Hand Truck

The hand truck is also handling equipment. It has an unprecedented reputation. This machine is very light. However, it is very robust. It can move loads weighing 200 kg or less. This machine is efficient and offers excellent mobility. It is often equipped with a stairlift to climb the stairs easily.

The Mobile Lifting Table

The mobile lifting table is more than equipment; it is a whole device. It allows the displacement and storage in height. It is powered by electricity. This equipment can move a maximum load of 500 kg. This machine is started by a button placed on a remote control. This machine guarantees you speed and efficiency of work.

Which Handling Equipment to Choose?

Referring to the equipment listed above, we can say that it is the pallet truck that you should choose. Indeed, these types of equipment are specially designed for handling pallets. They will be adequate to move a pallet of canned goods. Better, we recommend the electric pallet truck because of its motorized operation. It will save you time.

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