Home Construction: Why Involve a TCE Company?

A real estate construction project involves a considerable investment. This is why studying it with full knowledge of the facts is necessary. Several questions should be addressed before starting the work: what is the project’s scope? Which materials are best suited to your home? How much is the budget? Who should do the work? By using the services of a general contracting company, you have nothing to fear. Find in this article the good reasons to call upon this one.

What Is a General Contractor?

The general building company or the general contractor exercises several construction, renovation, or extension specialties. It has many artisans such as masons, electricians, plumbers, heating engineers, carpenters, roofers, painters, tilers, carpenters, etc. Guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers, the TCE company ensures the delivery of the construction site within the deadlines set out in the contract.

What Criteria Should Be Considered When Choosing a General Contracting Company?

Before committing yourself to a TCE company, it is first necessary to take into account :

– its size ;

– its references in the field;

– the guarantees offered ;

– whether or not it has a qualification label: ISO 9000 certification, Qualibat, Qualifelec… ;

– the rates it offers.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Company With a Wide Range of Skills?

The TCE company generally takes care of the entire work, from the plan’s design to the site delivery to its customers. There are many reasons owners choose to work with this type of company.

The TCE Company: Your Only Contact

Since the general building contractor brings together all the trades, the contract is easy to conclude. You and the project manager do not have to establish several tender calls to find the right craftsmen. Indeed, the TCE company takes care of the selection of the construction professionals (independent craftsmen, company of big work, company of second work…). The latter will be engaged in a subcontracting agreement to carry out the work included in the specifications, which means there is no legal link between them and you. Only the TCE company will be your sole interlocutor throughout the work. Moreover, you will have to sign a unique contract.

The TCE company: Responsible for Compliance With Regulations

As the guarantor of quality, the construction company is responsible for properly executing the project. In addition to respecting the specifications and the contract, it must also ensure that the work complies with town planning regulations. Each participant is a specialist in his field. Everyone knows the construction standards to be followed. Most companies currently offer their clients assistance with the administrative procedures: consultation of the PLU, declaration of work, application for a building permit, subscription to the various necessary insurances… Thus, the TCE company not only delivers quality work, but you can also be reassured that your home will meet the standards.

The TCE company: Delivery of the Building Site in Time

A non-serious craftsman who does not respect the planned deadlines we often find. You can have a peaceful mind by calling upon a company of all trades.

Indeed, it will coordinate the work of each trade by establishing upstream a planning of intervention. Each participant can know in advance the moment when he will intervene on the site. In case of unforeseen events (defects of realization in the course of work, fluctuation of the prices of materials, delay of intervention, etc.), the TCE company is held to regulate the problems while respecting the pre-established budget. Its goal is to deliver the site on time.

Another advantage of using a TCE company is the centralized after-sales service. Indeed, the Construction Code imposes building professionals the assumption of responsibility in case of defects or disorders after the reception of work. The TCE company assumes this responsibility towards you. The guarantees due by the builders are :

  • the guarantee of completion;
  • the guarantee of good functioning ;
  • and the decennial guarantee.

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