The 3 Types of Wainscot in Insulation

For some time now, paneling has been making a comeback. It is aesthetic and practical and often used to cover interior walls, roof rafters, attics, and ceilings. In addition to being a decorative element, it has outstanding thermal and acoustic performances. There are three types of wainscot depending on the material: solid wood, PVC, and coated wood. Each material has its own characteristics and can be adapted to different rooms.

Wooden paneling

Solid wood paneling is the most common on the market. Its nobility, warmth, and energy performance are its main assets. Indeed, natural wood is one of the most efficient insulating materials, provided that suitable species are carefully selected.

Solid wood paneling is generally made from quality species such as teak, ipe, iroko, larch, or chestnut. Rot-proof and waterproof, they are suitable for all rooms in the house and the roof. Note, however, that a class 4 wood is the minimum recommended for the bathroom. Class 5, on the other hand, is required for shower and bathtub walls. It is also possible to treat ordinary wood to correct its putrescibility and permeability. An autoclave is one of the techniques used in the factory to treat wood.

To optimize both the aesthetics and durability of wood, the boards can be stained, varnished, oiled or painted.

PVC wainscot

PVC has good natural thermal insulation. This is also one of the characteristics of PVC wainscot. Synthetic paneling is particularly suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens due to its high resistance to splashes and moisture. The other advantage of PVC is its ability to imitate other materials such as wood and stone. This is why it is appreciated in both traditional and modern decoration.

PVC also has strong acoustic performance, ideal for insulating living areas. In addition, its price is more affordable than wood paneling.

To facilitate the installation of the paneling, opt for butt-jointed boards. These are suitable for all sizes of the house.

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Coated Paneling

Coated paneling is one of the innovations in decoration. This covering is both a decorative element and an effective insulator.

It is an agglomerated support designed to be ready to install on its support. The coated paneling can imitate different materials such as wood, slate, leather, and other materials. The exterior covering of the paneling can take on various aspects depending on the style to be achieved.

Coated wood paneling is an excellent insulator against cold and humidity. It is also fireproof and durable. However, it is sensitive to water splashes and excess moisture in the kitchen or bathroom. If you install it in these rooms, it may gradually swell and eventually deteriorate. Opt for its installation in the living room or the individual rooms.

In short, the paneling effectively insulates the house against noise, heat, and humidity. Its authentic design and wide range of finishes can also enhance any type of interior decoration. Depending on the desired result, slats can be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Make sure that the boards are perfectly interlocked to optimize their insulating capacity. Panels are also available in slabs or panels to facilitate their installation on different supports.

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