OSB: A Decorative Element in Its Own Right

It’s not easy to design your home, especially when there are several choices. As long as you have a choice, what better way than to stand out from the crowd with a touch of originality? This time, we suggest you choose OSB to beautify your interior. This article will expose how it is considered a real decorative element.

General Information About OSB

Oriented Strand Board is a thin panel (6 to 25 mm thick), oriented and long strips. It is made of multi-layers of thin wood chips such as pine or spruce, oriented in alternating directions. These splinters are welded together under hot pressure with a resin. OSB is a strong, economical, flexible, but rigid material simultaneously. It also has good sound and heat insulation.
Moreover, it is an ecological material because of its natural components. These materials reduce allergy factors. In addition, it is resistant to the substances used in the treatment against the beetle, for example, which are harmful to health.

OSB 1, Ideal for Furniture Manufacturing

OSB 1 is classified as a non-working panel intended for interior design in a dry environment. You can use it to design storage furniture such as bookcases, shelves, or side furniture. For example, in a bedroom, OSB 1 can be used to conceal furniture for more convenient storage. You can also renovate your headboard with this material for a bohemian bedroom.

OSB 2, Ideal for Flooring

It is used in dry environments as a working panel. This panel is ideal for making partitions to create a reading corner in a bedroom, walls, and floors. In the realization of the latter, lamination is required. This protects the surface from foreign bodies and prevents premature delamination of the boards.

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The OSB 3 Panel, Ideal for Humid Rooms

This is a panel to be installed in a humid environment. Among other things, it can be used as plywood to create structure or furniture. You can therefore make shelves or partitions with OSB 3 to furnish the kitchen and bathroom. For inspiration, you can paint the panels before the work. To do this, sand it with an electric sander to get a smooth surface. After that, you need to dust them and apply a base such as a stain before applying layers of paint in black color. This color will give a chic and modern look and helps distinguish the coated panels from other spaces. You can coat the pine floor and the wall with white paint.

OSB 4, Ideal for Wall Cladding and Fencing

OSB 4 is a panel designed for a humid and/or dry environment with significant constraints apart from the weather. You can use it as fences and wall cladding. This type of panel can be perfectly combined with a colored tile floor with geometric patterns. In order not to overload the room in question, the second half of the wall can be painted white and the light fixtures. Alternatively, you can furnish the first floor of your premises with a round coffee table in the center, a reception counter, and a rounded sliding door in OBS.

The Versatility of OSB Panels in 12 Projects | ArchDaily

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