American Roofing: Nothing To Do With Traditional Roofing

The traditional frame is the one that has always been used for years in the construction of houses. The American frame, on the other hand, is a departure from this routine and has its characteristics. This article explains in detail the particularities of the American frame.

Types of wood used


First of all, it is necessary to draw your attention to the types of wood used in American farming. They are selected according to well-defined criteria. This is a way to achieve the ultimate result, which is the strength of the American frame.

The most commonly used woods are fir and spruce. They are prized because of their incomparable length. This allows roofing professionals to build large rooms without having to do a lot of wood matching.

Be aware that lumber layouts do not offer enough strength and solidity for carpentry. American framing primarily uses these types of woods for country homes and trusses. The result is typically authentic and offers some assurance of safety to users.

The wood arrangement system

At first glance, American framing features a W-shaped wood frame that supports the roof. This framework also allows close a large part of the space under the attic. But next to that, the beams are positioned, which are elongated pieces of wood. This composition manages to stand alone and, at the same time, play the role of infallible support for the ceiling of the construction.

As you can already see, American framing is well tailored to fit different circumstances. The American frame system of arrangement also includes bracing pieces and trusses of small sections. These two elements are arranged in the carpentry to give it a very effective rigidity.

The quality/price ratio


Another feature of American framing is that it strikes a real balance between quality and cost. You’ll spend about the same amount for a traditional frame. But when you make a comparison based on quality, you will clearly see that American framing is a good investment. Most builders who use it get a strong, durable Baptist. In addition to that, the materials have a certain lightness that makes them easy to handle. It is indeed this factor that allows for very affordable quotes.

The disadvantages of the American frame

Despite the many advantages previously attributed to the American frame, it is also not without its disadvantages. This can simply be summarized as the fact that this type of frame requires long-term maintenance. Indeed, it is necessary to make adjustments overtime to ensure the strength of the carpentry.

Unfortunately, the types of wood used to react to water and climate change. This makes the wood vulnerable to certain parasites. This situation obviously affects the construction, which can become deformed. Consolidation work would then be necessary to restore the balance.

A second disadvantage of the use of the American frame is that it deprives you of a space that can be converted. This is the opposite of a traditional frame. The frame being significantly closer to the roof exhaustively fills all possible attic space.

Contrary to other types of frameworks, this one does not allow you to develop the space available under the roof. This makes the space between the trusses and the connectors almost negligible. You should therefore close off this area by capping it.



Building a home isn’t a breeze, and it’s not cheap either, and if spending a lot of money scares you, you’re not ready to buy or build a home. Building a home is not an easy process, and there will be a lot of ups and downs along the way. You may want to give up halfway through, but know that most homeowners have been there, and it is almost like a rite of passage.

You may end up spending more money due to unexpected problems on the job site, personal choice of materials, or a change in order. Don’t worry; that’s why you should always ask your bank for a little more than the builder’s estimate because you have to expect the unexpected when it comes to building your home or any other building.

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