Building My House From Scratch – Is Worth it?

Are you thinking of acquiring your own house and wondering whether you should buy or build? It’s no secret: constructing a house from scratch is a complex project that involves a whole lot of tasks. While it may trigger fear and worry, it is also an exciting process full of great challenges. In this day and age, it’s high time to have your own space and live as you want! In this blog, we’ve jotted down why building your home is a much better idea than buying one!



The first advantage that we highlight is the location. You can choose exactly where you want to settle, where you want to start your new life. This decision will change many aspects of your day-to-day activities. Do you prefer to live near work or in a remote place? Near the mountain or the city? Do you love the sea?



Undoubtedly, building your house offers you a degree of creativity that the purchase of a ready-made building does not guarantee. If you decide to start your dwelling from scratch, you can choose the number of rooms, how your bathrooms will be, if you want a dressing room, if you want an open or closed kitchen or that office that you have always wanted. It is an opportunity to fulfil -at least try- everything that you have written down on your wish list.



You will have control of your future home, and you will be able to monitor the investment, adapt your budget based on the size of the construction, the materials and the final finishes. You can opt for the parquet flooring you’ve dreamed of since you were young and opt for a bathroom with a marble finish.


Pool and Garden

If possible, you can determine the size of the garden or your private pool. It will be your own space where you’ll have full power to make your imagination comes true. You can add that entertainment area you have always dreamed of: a cinema room, a home gym or a space for the pool table. Who knows!


No Huge Renovation Costs 

That’s an incredible advantage over buying a second-hand home. An already built house is designed for other people or, worse, for no one. They can be houses built looking for maximum profitability, without any personality. With new construction, you will probably avoid hidden problems such as humidity, electrical or infrastructure failures because the house is old or has not been adequately supervised.


The Design of Your Dreams

It will be a house created and designed by and for you, appropriate to your way of living. Whether you want a large garden, a winery, a spacious area to enjoy finner with your family, or four master bedrooms, constructing one from scratch will allow you to have a house that suits you 100%. It is an original project with which you get precisely what you want and need.


Stability and Independence

Building your house from zero gives you stability since you won’t have to move from one place to another. You will be the owner of a home designed for you, conditioned to your day to day and future needs. Of course, the construction of a house is not an easy task; it requires major decision-making with home plans and so on. And to make this process more bearable, the professionals at Elite New Homes are always at your disposal to bring your ideas to reality! 

Of course, when it comes to building a house, another major thing that will surely come to your mind is time – how long it will take to build a house from scratch compared to how long it takes to move into one already made. But no matter how long it will take, be it 6, 9 or 12 months, you know that at the end of the day, you’ll get to live in the house of your dreams!


As you can see, the advantages of building your own house before buying one are many. Having space specially designed, adapted to you and totally personalized is an option that should be taken into account and a project that becomes a much easier path if the best professionals are chosen. So, what are you waiting for? Start yours today!


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