Fiber Cement: Perks of a Trendy Material for Your Home

Are you looking to build your house quickly yet with a stylish finish? Look no further! Fiber cement is the perfect choice for you!

A material that has been around since the 1970s, fiber cement boards, which are made up of a mixture of plant-based fibers and cement, has come a long way in terms of choices and designs. This allows homeowners and builders to use the modern panel in many ways, including for sidings, wall partitions or roofing.

Here are the perks of using this trendy product in 2020:

1. Fast-Track Your Construction

Who would want to waste time while building a home when you can make the process much faster? Using bricks and cement to construct a house can be time-consuming. On the other hand, a fiber cement board can save you the hassle as it can be installed quickly. Although very resistant, the sheets are lightweight, which makes them easier to handle and carry. Plus, the panels can be pre-cut after getting your required measurements and positioned easily by securing it to the frames. Therefore, the installation time is reduced, and you are sure to meet your deadlines without any stress.

2. Increased Life-Span and Resistance

You’ll have nothing to worry about from mold and termites. While fiber cement may look like wood, it has a greater resistance and longer lifespan than timber. Fiber cement does not absorb moisture during rainy or humid weather, and therefore will not rot, warp or be prone to fungal and bacterial growths. Furthermore, the material is non-combustible due to its porous nature. This allows fiber cement to provide your home with greater security against fire.

3. Budget-Friendly

Compared to traditional materials, which need more time and labor, fiber cement allows you to save money on your construction. In fact, you can get excellent boards at a low cost, which will cut down your expenses for your house project. Since it has a longer lifespan, this material helps you to invest wisely, preventing you from spending more in the long run.

4. Designs With Versatility

From vibrant and bright to paler hues, you can opt for a pre-stained fiber cement board from a broad palette. Or, you can simply paint it with a color of your choice. The material comes in various textures as well, and by juxtaposing a board with a smooth surface with one with a wood-grain finish, you can elevate the aesthetics of your home. Architects also love using fiber cement because it is versatile and available in different shapes, including wavy panels, monolithic facades, and columns that add character to a design.

5. Remodeling Made Easy

Another perk of fiber cement is that it is the go-to material when remodeling your home. Renovations and makeovers are the new trends in houses, and it could not be easier with this innovative product. You can create a completely new look that is original and unique in a small time-frame and with minimal effort due to fiber cement’s handiness.

6. Create More Space

You can give off the illusion of more room in your home using fiber cement. As the walls and partitions will be thinner while screwing the compound sheets to the frames, you will be able to maximize the space in comparison to traditional materials.

7. Save the Planet

If you wish to be Eco-friendly, fiber cement will allow you to do so! As it is a product manufactured with cellulose fiber, water, sand, cement and only a small quantity of chemical additives, the material is a very green construction material. A lower amount of toxins are released during its production compared to concrete, hence making fiber cement more sustainable.

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