Purchasing a Forklift Truck


The purchase of the forklift truck

Questions to ask yourself before buying a forklift truck

Guide to buying a forklift truck

Purchase of the trolley: new or second hand

Where to buy a forklift?

Which forklift? New or used?

Depending on the type of handling to be carried out and the layout of the premises, a new or used forklift truck must be chosen according to precise criteria.

The other alternative, to acquire a forklift truck, is renting.

The purchase of a forklift truck

The forklift you need is not the one from the company next door. Before you buy your forklift truck, make a precise assessment of your needs to determine which forklift truck is right for you and then choose between new and used.

Before any purchase, study your handling needs, analyze the conditions of evolution of the forklift truck to avoid disappointments.

Questions to ask yourself before buying a forklift truck:

– handling height: medium (6 m), high (12 m),

– mass of the packages: medium (< 6T), heavy (>6 T),

– handling distance: medium (<60 m), long (>60 m),

– handling frequency: frequent, intensive,

– handling space: inside, outside,

– type of soil: developed (asphalt, concrete), stabilized (clay), all terrain.

Purchase of the cart: new or used

The purchase of a new forklift is a relatively large investment that can be a deterrent for a small business, but it is a guarantee of the safety of modern equipment.

The opportunity can be an interesting source of supply in an expanding market.

The new forklift truck

A new forklift truck is sold compulsorily in accordance with specific standards and meets the requirements of the article of the Labor Code.

The certificate of conformity provided by the manufacturer must be handed over with the truck along with a minimum warranty (1 year), a maintenance logbook and the commissioning visit carried out. A conformity plate must be affixed to the forklift truck.

The second-hand forklift truck

A used forklift truck must receive a certificate of conformity completed by the seller stating that the equipment complies with the requirements of the Labor Code:

– for self-propelled forklifts put into service before January 1, 1996;

– for self-propelled trucks put into service after January 1, 1996.

In auctions, the trolley must be sold in accordance with the requirements of the article of the Labor Code.

In the event of non-compliance, the law prohibits the sale of non-compliant equipment which exposes personnel to health and safety risks. The sale may be canceled by invoking the corresponding article which provides for this hypothesis.

All forklift trucks must undergo a commissioning visit before use and before each return to service following a malfunction or major modification.

Where to buy a forklift truck?

Buying a new forklift truck

Purchase of a new forklift truck from the dealers of the biggest brands including some retractable mast forklift truck (alphabetical order):

– Cat® Lift Trucks

– Clark

– Fenwick

– Hyster

– Still

– Telescopic forklift truck (alphabetical order):

– Claas


– Manitou

– Merlo

Purchasing a used forklift truck

The purchase of a second-hand forklift will be done by privileging a reliable company.

Good to know: deal with a business that focuses on consultative customer approach, and above all, ensuring safe and tested heavy equipment that will be the reason of a boost in the productivity of your business.

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