Laying Waxed Concrete in a Kitchen and Fitting It Out

Waxed concrete in the kitchen is ideal for its aesthetics and above all for its practical maintenance.

The kitchen furniture lines have adapted to this material to bring harmony to the decoration, whether contemporary or classic.

Laying Waxed Concrete in a Kitchen

It is possible to lay waxed concrete in a kitchen from floor to ceiling. But first of all, make sure that the room is sufficiently lit, otherwise, this living space may be reduced.

It is therefore important to choose a light color, especially if the kitchen is not very bright. The basic cement should then be white so that the added pigment can appear and give the kitchen a special light.

If the kitchen is light, it is possible to play with two colors:

one for the floor which will be darker;

the second lighter one goes well on the walls to contrast with the floor.

Waxed concrete in a kitchen is the ideal flooring for easy maintenance and can therefore also be used for a worktop or behind a cooking area.

Fitting out a Waxed Concrete Kitchen


For the choice of an atmosphere, all hypotheses are allowed.

For example, you can have stamped or printed concrete laid on the walls, which will give a rustic appearance while retaining its maintenance qualities.

In this choice, you will be careful to have waxed concrete laid on the floor to give a satin finish to the kitchen while giving it a contemporary touch.

If the worktop is central, choose instead a design atmosphere by combining light grey waxed concrete with glass and wood. This harmonious mix of materials will give your kitchen a unique note reflecting your personality.


When laying a concrete matrix (imitating exposed stones for example), you can choose rustic furniture made of light-colored wood that will give a warm note to your kitchen.

If you have chosen a more designer style, select wall-mounted tall units with opaque glass doors so that your dishes are not visible when you put them away.

The structure of the furniture will be made of white wood.

The cupboard doors will be made of brushed steel, for example.


Here again, you have a wide range of choices:

If you have opted for a partially rustic kitchen, don’t hesitate to bring out red and white checkered tablecloths and napkins.

As for the choice of a contemporary kitchen, prefer plain kitchen linen in bright colors to contrast with the furniture and the gray of the waxed concrete.

In any case, always keep the shade that composed the pigment and colored the waxed concrete for perfect harmony.

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