Why Metal Gutters Are Better?

Having an efficient gutter system in the home is crucial. However, choosing which one to have can be rather confusing. The two most common guttering systems are metal and plastic, but in my experience, metal guttering systems work best. Let’s take a look why:


Metal gutters have a low heat expansion/contraction coefficient. Meaning, they can expand or contract in relation to the weather conditions much better than plastic that tends to deform permanently with the strain of extreme weather conditions.


It goes without saying that metal gutters take less damage as plastic ones due to ultraviolet light exposure. UV light causes plastic gutters to become brittle, weakening the brackets and rubber seals found at the joints. The result of such UV exposure and thermal movement is a parting of the joints and unavoidable leakages. Brunswick Roofing Supplies has the best and strongest metal gutters that are able to withstand the most extreme elements. Some of the metals are made of alloys that are even stronger.

Better Metals

While traditional metal options had various disadvantages of being heavy, prone to rust and had a semi-cylindrical shape that was ineffective in holding or redirecting water, nowadays, better metal options such as Copper, Aluminium, Lead, Zinc, and Stainless Steel are available. These metals are more resistant, lighter and can be moulded into better water retention profiles.


With today’s technological advancement in metal gutters production, you are 100% sure to obtain a metal gutter that is highly efficient. The likelihood of joints breaking down and splitting, or of screws and bolts eroding and snapping is eliminated and there is zero leakage. This is also what Brunswick Roofing Supplies provides!


Metal gutters are also way easier to clean and maintain than plastic ones. Zinc, stainless steel and copper rainwater systems have the benefit of unassembling, so as to clean as and if required. The downpipes can also easily be taken off and have rodding points built in as well.

At Brunswick Roofing Supplies, we manufacture our metal guttering systems in different designs and colours and our products include fascia gutters, QUAD gutters and gutter guards. Brunswick Roofing Supplies also specialises in manufacturing rain heads and downpipes that should add to your guttering system and improve the water retention and disposal method in your property. Above all, a good guttering system should protect your property against accumulation of rainwater and shield your property from erosion.

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