Choosing Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a classic choice for all floor projects. But how do you which type of wood is good for your project?


  • Solid or Engineered Wood?
    Engineered wood boasts a number of advantages. You are able to install it onto any surface, which means it doesn’t interfere with your ceiling heights or doors. Unlike solid wood which has to be installed over two layers of plywood. Engineered wood is also created to restrict the natural movement of wood, which will be a natural process with any solid wood floor. The redeeming quality of solid wood is its thickness allows for it to be repolished a number of times and can last you a lifetime, unlike engineered woods which only have thin board surface.


  • Prefinished or Site Finish?
    Onto the decorating side. Opting for prefinished boards allows you to know the exact color you are purchasing, which is helpful information you can use to plan the décor of your home. Prefinished boards also help you save time with installation, unlike site finish jobs where you will have to wait to apply color and sealant. The advantage with on-site finishes is that you can customize the color to your preference.

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