Major Innovations in the Construction Industry

From virtual and augmented reality to wearable technology and machine learning, the construction industry has witnessed major shifts over the last decade. Far from being one-sided, these innovations will not only improve cost, but also safety, efficiency and the quality of construction.


Virtual reality is proving to be an essential tool

Indeed, virtual reality will not only be limited to the gaming industry. Some companies have started using 4D virtual reality models to give clients an enhanced and almost realistic view of future projects. Virtual reality models take into account the whole environment and surroundings for a fully interactive immersive experience.

Augmented reality will be the next logical step

The basic difference between virtual and augmented reality is a bit similar to that of visiting the aquarium vs scuba diving. Augmented reality allows clients to walk through their future house or building development project for an almost realistic preview. Stakeholders can step into their project viewing real-time information about the surrounding and environment.


Wearable technology for workers’ safety

Wearable technology will enhance workers’ safety on the construction site. These devices and gadgets will prove really helpful in tracking workers on job sites in case of emergency. Wearable technology can identify if any worker has tripped, slipped or fallen on the construction site.

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence

The advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence will greatly benefit the construction industry in the near future. They will have a direct impact on risk management, schedule management, subcontractor management, construction site environment monitoring and safety, to name a few. Machine learning will be detrimental in identifying thousands of data on any construction site to look for safety breaches or spot errors through image analysis.

Easier communication between connected job sites

With connected job sites, the communication between construction site, trailer, design office and engineering is much smoother, efficient and faster. This way, everyone has access to the latest developments concerning changes in drawing plans or materials. From engineers to builders, each department has immediate access to important and urgent information, avoiding costly and time consuming mistakes during the whole process.

The industry will reap the full benefits of technology if..

The construction industry must embrace innovation if it wants to reap the wide range of benefits that technology is offering. Although expensive, investing in innovations like advanced data and analytics, drones, automation, AI and robotics will more than improve the construction industry.

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