What Is Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced Concrete

A bit of history Reinforced concrete allows the construction of solid and stable structures. The patent of reinforced concrete was registered in 1867 by Joseph Monier, a French gardener who was not satisfied with the materials available for making flowerpots. The vital point of Monier’s idea was that it combined steel and concrete in such a […]

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How to Choose a Concrete Breaker

Concrete Breaker

How to Choose a Concrete Breaker The concrete breaker is a system connected to an energy source, allowing breaking concrete works by generating shocks with a tool adapted to the work (a blade, point, etc.). It is a compelling material, and its handling requires particular precautions. Description of a concrete breaker Concrete breakers are used for […]

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What Are the Different Wall Lining Techniques

Wall Lining Techniques

What Are the Different Wall Lining Techniques Contents  – Masonry lining partitions  – Drywalls for lining walls  To reach thermal and acoustic performances in the case of a new construction or improve them during a renovation, the realization of lining partitions or counter partitions can be necessary on the internal face of the external walls […]

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