5 Tips To Furnish & Decorate a Small Kitchen

Furnishing a small kitchen can be challenging. Especially when you don’t know how to organize your kitchen, what style of kitchen to choose, or whether you want to create a seating area inside your kitchen as well. These are questions you can ask yourself and make choices when planning a new kitchen.

Here are some tips to help you out!

Tip #1 Use White as a Base

For small spaces, it always works best to base the area on neutral colors. Neutral, light colors make the room look larger and less oppressive. For this reason, it is recommended to use light colors in small kitchens.

For example, consider light variations of white, beige, pastel, and natural tones. Light colors make the room look larger, reflect more natural light, and prevent boredom.

Tip 2 The Height

When furnishing a small room like a kitchen, think about the room’s height. Can the ceiling be raised? For example, is it possible to remove the ceiling so that the original ceiling is visible again? If the ceiling is painted dark, consider raising the kitchen, as painting it lighter will give it more height.

Wall-mounted units in the kitchen often make the room look even smaller. Therefore, try to avoid them. For example, choose full-height units instead of wall units in bright neutral colors and materials. Shelves can also be handy in a small kitchen. This provides ample storage space yet does not make the kitchen feel immediately cramped.

It is mainly a good idea to place storage for products and machines that are not used every day higher up. A little more eye level allows you to place some storage jars, suitable for everyday use.

Storage jars not only keep food fresh, but they also look good. After all, they look exactly like the ingredients you use in your kitchen.

Tip #3 Place a Bar in the Kitchen

Small kitchens often do not allow for a large dining table or dining area, but a bar in the kitchen is a good solution. A bar (high table) is still a place to eat, drink, and work in the kitchen. In addition, this is a comfortable place to sit when your partner is cooking. Choosing a nice kitchen tap will make it stand out even more.

A bar is sometimes attached to the kitchen, but sometimes it is a stand-alone element. Therefore, look for a nice one.

Tip #4 Double Kitchen

Is your kitchen long and narrow but wide enough to accommodate two sets of kitchen furniture? Then, consider placing one side of the kitchen against the wall and a set of kitchen furniture on the other side.

Square kitchens are also a good choice for small kitchens. However, in a square kitchen, be sure to leave enough space in the middle for at least two people to stand and work together.

The advantage of having multiple blades in the kitchen is that you can move freely around the kitchen and are less restricted to one place to cut, for example. This alone will make it more comfortable to live in. Also, children like to sit on the trays while cooking, which is naturally fun.

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Tip 5: Wall Shelves

Do you have little space to roam around the kitchen, but plenty of wall space? Then shelves are ideal. You can make the most of the wall by hanging several of them down. To store glasses and cups, place them upside down. This will keep dust out.

Working with several shelves creates a lot of extra space in the kitchen. The best way to keep things organized is to use storage pots.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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